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Mon-Sat 11:00 AM  - 8:00PM

Closed Sun

ANITA AMIN | Chef/Owner

Anita has lived a life as interesting as the food she creates. Born in Africa and raised in India, she came of age in Chicago and traveled the world as a flight attendant. After having lived and worked among many cultures, Chef Anita feels that although people are diverse, our passion for enjoying fresh, flavorful food brings us together.

Chef Anita is a self-trained home cook. Her husband, Maharshi, and 13-year-old son, Yug, can be tough critics! However, as the Chef believes, "When you prepare food with purpose and caring, those intentions come through in the flavor." Anita believes in only using fresh ingredients in all of her made-from-scratch recipes. Local, organic produce are her go-to ingredients, and the plethora of spices she has on-hand are as warm and inviting as the chef herself.

Chef Anita had gained experience as a
volunteer at Elijah's Promise and her personal catering business, but is now working on fulfilling her dream of opening a fusion café, Masala Bay, here in Somerset, New Jersey.


We have the greatest customers and we believe they deserve great customer service, which is why we have a great team!

Our team loves food and loves people - do you?

We're always looking for awesome people who love Masala Bay as much as we do. Come be a part of the family!

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